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It’s more than becoming a great athlete. It’s about health, happiness and working hard to get past imagined limitations with a community of like-minded people through knowledge, sweat and perseverance.

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Our nutrition program will help you realize your goals, reshape your relationship with food, fuel you for increased energy and better sleep, and improve your health.


I went into the food challenge witht the mind set of going into it 100%. I had been partially eating correctly for two months at this piont since getting back to Blackhearts CrossFit and this was the perfect chance to take it further. I’ve done food prep on Sundays before, but never as much as I did during the challenge. It was great, and knowing someone was going to look at my food log for the day and see what I ate was a great deterrent from cheating and kept me from doing so most of the time. I also found I have a fondness for overnight oats which was something I never bothered to try before.

Vinny Faria

28 Day Challenge Winner

What I learned most about this experience is that is is super important to fuel your body through out the day. This was something that I struggled with, as I wasn’t always hungry. It was very challenging for me getting used to eating evry 3 hours, but by week 3 my body finailly got used to it. After the 28 Day Nutrition Challenge I decided to keep going to reach my goals. The support of Erin, Mark and the BlackHearts family really helped me not give up. I couldn’t have done it without them!

Amy DiMeglio

28 Day Challenge Runner Up

This gym is an amazing place to work out in. The people and the coaches give nothing but encouragement while you are there. They really give you the feeling that you are a part of the team. My experiences there have been nothing but positive and I recommend it to those who would like to get in great workouts, push yourself to the limit, and have fun while doing so!

John R.

One of the best atmospheres of any gym I have ever been to. The coaches are knowledgeable and really help you with your form, mobility, and overall fitness. Great people there too. Who motivate each other. I highly encourage anyone to try it out and join

Joseph C.

In my opinion, the best crossfit gym I’ve been to. I love fitness and wanted to try something new. The minute I started training with Mark and his crew I knew this was the perfect fit for me. The coaches are very knowledgeable in all forms of fitness so there is never a dull moment. If you are looking for a place to get in shape and challenge yourself, but also have fun, then this is the place for you.

Rebecca R.

The BlackHearts Facility is one of the most spacious, up to date and technologically modern when it comes to working out and tracking progress. The workouts are geared to your level and maximizes your potential. Safety is key and the techniques taught are crucial to one’s development as an athlete. The trainers are well versed in all aspects of fitness, weightlifting and training and are both extremely professional and caring. What a place and what a team!! Guaranteed to see results fast!!!

Chris C.

The atmosphere, the workouts, the coaches and the community are very inspiring. No matter if you are a beginner or advanced, you will get the proper coaching from not just the coaches but from your fellow Blackhearts family. It’s worth every penny and the results are guaranteed! I love my box and so will you!!!!

Solmarie A.

From the moment I walked into this gym , I immediately knew that this was for me. Mark (owner and head coach) and the other great coaches are so knowledgeable and attentive to everything we do. They ensure we have proper technique and address all concerns throughout the workouts. However, my favorite part of the Blackhearts experience is sharing my nights with some pretty amazing people. We support, motivate, push each other at all times and at the same time have fun doing it! The atmosphere is like no other experience I’ve had at any other gym. Love , love this place!

Gracy V.


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